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Deb's career began as an accident, literally. She had a successful career as a television executive for fourteen years. Deb was Joel Siegel’s producer at Good Morning America, where she covered the Academy Awards and produced entertainment pieces for five years. She also was the NY Bureau Chief of Entertainment Tonight and later wrote, produced and directed a television pilot called First Woman. After a taxi accident in NYC left Deb in debilitating chronic pain, she picked up a $2.98 watercolor kit in hopes of finding a hobby while she healed. Much to her surprise and delight, she discovered that she had a gift as an artist. After healing herself through her art, the Deb Eiseman brand was born.

Deb's healing can be seen in her art. It evokes a wide range of positive emotions and provides nourishment for the soul.

Deb Eiseman, Art that Heals offers healing and connection in a fresh, inspiring and unforgettable way.

© Deb Eiseman